Achieving A Gorgeous Look For Your Eyes

The eyes are the most important part which decides the appearance of a person. You express various things through your eyes.

It is one of the parts which are easily noticed by the people looking at you.

Some people have large eyes and some may have smaller eyes.

Every woman wants long and thick lashes on their eyelids.

You can change the look of your eyes with proper lash extension products.

They are the best option for enhancement of your lashes.

It is a painless procedure to add some extra lashes to your natural ones.

The additional lashes are lightweight and organic and are barely noticeable.

Why use artificial lashes?

Many women consider long and thick eyelashes to be a symbol of their beauty.

They will help women have sparkling eyes anytime they want.

The extenders needed to be affixed by a professional to get the most aesthetic look.

It is a costly procedure and this is why women go for eyelash extensions only for special occasions like weddings, prom nights, etc.

There are many kinds of artificial lash products on offer and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

They vary in the texture, color, thickness, the process of attaching it.

Only a professional will be able to guide you to the right one for your need.

Things to keep in mind

Before you go for eyelash extensions, make sure that the natural lashes are clean.

It should be free from dirt, oil or any makeup leftovers; otherwise, the artificial hairs will not stick properly.

You should stay away from washing your face for about 4-5 hours after the procedure.

You will be advised by your beauticians to stay away from pools, baths and saunas for many days after the fixing of artificial lashes.

You should only make use of water-based mascara on the lashes.

Benefits of using artificial lashes

There are lots of benefits you enjoy by using false lashes and most of them are cosmetic.

  1. They will help in making the lashes look longer and thicker and to maintain its natural texture. Your eyes will look fuller and more open.
  2. It will help in making your eyes look enlarged and expressive.
  3. It is an ideal option for women with drooping eyelids as the longer lashes will make their eyes look fresher.
  4. They can easily draw a lot of attention to your eyes and you do not need to worry about curling your lashes anymore.


While many people will qualify for using false lashes, a few with weak or short lashes will not be able to use it. It is important for you to first consult a doctor to take up this procedure before visiting the beautician.


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