Fat Cavitation Could Be Useful To Burn That Extra Fat To A Slim Body

Ultrasound Cavitation is a relatively new technological advancement where edge technology is used to convert fat cells into liquid. Fat cavitation is a new aesthetic treatment to shed weight which lasts for 25-30 minutes where a single part of the body is treated at a time. 72 hours must be passed before the next session or treatment of the next part. This is primarily required to drain out the fat from the body by the natural filtration system. The minimum numbers of these sessions differ from 6-10.

The therapists apply a specially designed handpiece which transits low-level ultrasonic waves. These waves consist of compression-expansion impulses which travel in high-speed cycles. This cycle creates an infinite number of micro-cavities or bubbles which gradually gets enlarged. This enlargement ceases as the bubbles collide with each other that produces a shock wave that provides the elimination of fat tissues phenomena called “cavitation”. The fat in the form of fluid then gets eliminated from the body through a lymphatic and urinary system. The fat turns into fatty acid and glycerol after its breakdown.

The process includes rotating the handpiece on the desired area where the radio waves are transmitted through the upper layers of the skin. The heat goes into the dermis and heats it to 40-50 degrees but the skin is not burnt in the entire process. The generated heat causes the contraction to tighten skin, new collagen is produced which is stimulated. Radiofrequency helps in the lymphatic flow and thus helps in the supply of the oxygen. The toxic materials are thus cleared from the body. The entire process claims to be skin tightening and fat reducing or body slimming.

This therapy gives a reshape to the body and builds confidence. These services are not only for females but for males as well. The desired physique could be acquired to build the confidence and the look. The results vary from customer to customer depending on the body type and amount of fat to be loose. Generally, it is 4-14 cm after the first session. The professionals suggest drinking lots of water during the session to get the best results instantly. The machines used, uses light therapy and special vacuum technique to ensure the results, also see this skin rejuvenation.

Researchers showed that in the entire process patients were reported to reduce fat thickness and circumference. However, these individuals actually did not lose any weight or there was no change in the levels of cholesterol and levels of triglyceride.

However few things are to be kept in mind before using this technique and that is experts or professionals are doing the entire treatment. And the other thing is it is definitely necessary to know about the results of the previous customers who opted for the services. Only then it is worthy to go for the services. Other than that it is also advisable that you inquire a few treatment services to know about their process, minimum sessions and prices. Do remember one thing that you would be charged per session so you should know about the minimum number of sessions.


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