Common Reasons For Hair Loss Amongst Women

A woman’s hair is one of her most prized possessions. In this case, hair loss can be quite a threat to most women. Do not fret too much about this issue. Similar to any other problem, this threat can be handled too. Since this is an issue that most of us face at some point in our lives, it is important for us to be aware of its causes and consequences. In this case, here are some common reasons for the occurrence of this condition.

Hereditary reasons

This is quite an unfortunate reason actually. You will suffer this condition since you are genetically predisposed. If you carry the genes of your ancestors who had the condition, then you are likely to suffer from it too. This does not mean that everyone who is genetically predisposed to condition will suffer from it. Rather, it means that they are more susceptible to the condition than those who are not genetically predisposed.


Hypothyroidism is a condition that is commonly identified amongst women. It occurs due to the lack of thyroid hormones in the body. Although this condition has many consequences, one of its biggest side effects is hair loss. It has been found that people who suffer from hypothyroidism seek hair loss Brisbane a few months after the diagnosis.

Iron deficiency

Females who experience heavy periods or those do not consume enough iron are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency or anaemia. Lack of iron in the body can be disastrous for your scalp since the roots of your hair need enough blood to stay strong. If you do not have sufficient level of iron in your body, you will need to get cheap female treatment in order to protect your cascade. Thus, make sure to consume a lot of vegetables including leafy green ones in order to keep your iron levels at a high rate.

Excessive styling

Over-styling is entirely your fault. Your attempt to make yourself look perfect can actually lead to disastrous consequences. Although it is okay to stylise your hair once in a while, straightening it and colouring it often is not a good habit. This can cause significant damage that can cause permanent consequences. Thus, make sure to have control over your styling habits. Try using wigs, extensions and other alternatives that cause less damage. There are various other reasons that can influence this condition too. It is important for you to be aware of these reasons and the other ones in order to prevent this condition from occurring at all.


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