What You Must Know About Skin Primers

Red lipstick is just not for the holidays and so is primer too. Most people believe that they must use primer only when the weather gets hot and sweaty but it can be used every day. It keeps your foundation in place and does not allow anything to move. They range from extreme long wear to medium long wear too. Here are some tips on using primers to conceal your pores and make your skin glow:


It is just not for everyone out there. If you have really good skin most probably you will not have to use it. If you do need one pick something which will minimize on your oily t zone, pimples and pigmentation too. Keep in mind that some can make you break out further if it isn’t for your skin type. Pick world renounced brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown or Smash box for a flawless finish. It will even help your best BB cream go on your skin easily.


You must use a small amount of it and distribute it around your face. You will like to use it with a brush but refrain from doing so. Try to warm it up between your fingers and then apply it on to your skin especially in the areas where you see enlarged pores. Your pores will be covered in no time. Always start at the centre work towards the ends of your face like the hairline and jaw too.


You must always check the ingredients so that you know you are not using anything harmful. If you are trying to use it on your lash line you must be careful. Sometimes using concealer as great it will help to keep the makeup in place. You can use it in your eye region if it states oil limiting and provides great treatments to the area too. You can get an adverse reaction to it especially if you mix in a BB cream together. Most people forget that makeup which has too many chemicals as it can make you age faster too.


Some are safe on your lips too. It will allow your lip liner and lipstick to stay on for long. Keep in mind if the primer is too greasy not to buy one as it can make your lipstick slide off. Focus on testing the item before you buy it as some stores will not accept refunds too. You will be then left with a product which is of no use to you.


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